Bio Health Panax Ginseng 30 capsules


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Pure powdered root.

30 x 500mg in vegetable capsules.


One of the most treasured herbs and valued for thousands of years for the special benefits that has made it so well established in natural healthcare.



Native to north east China and Russia and North Korea. Extremely rare in the wild. Root of wild and cultivated plants are very different in quality. The plant takes 4 years to mature; cultivation requires great skill. Cultivated in Korea since 1300.


Steroidal saponins – ginsenosides 0.7-3% – at least 25 have been identified; acetylenic compounds; panaxans; sesquiterpenes


Side effects such as high blood pressure and sleeplessness are associated only with an excessive intake. Avoid caffeine and caffeine drinks while taking Ginseng. For the young and healthy, take for no more than 6 weeks at a time. Contraindicated during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding, during acute illness and in high blood pressure.


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