Klearvol Essential Oil For Inhalation 10 Capsules


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Klearvol contains natural essential oils of pine, thymnol and menthol to deliver soothing vapours for inhalation.  When placed on a hankerchief close to a child, Klearvol can help comfort and relieve sympotms of colds such as congetsion and stuffy nose in babies and children. Each pack contains 10 single use capsules, which can be cut and the contents poured onto a suitable cloth or material. If you previously used Karvol Caps you should like Klearvol.

  • Suitable for babies 3 months and older
  • Can help relieve congestion and colds
  • The Klearvol capsules must not be swallowed or taken internally.  Klear-vol capsules are for inhalation only.  To use simply cut the top of the capsule with a pair of scissors ensuring the tip is pointing downwards and away from the face.  Pour the contents onto a piece of cloth such as a handkerchief or tissue.  When used with children or babies, ensure the cloth used is secured and completly out of reach.  


    For Babies over 3 months and young children

    Cut the tip of one capsule and squeeze the contents on to a handkerchief secured nearby but out of reach of the child.

    For older children and adults

    Cut off the tip of one capsule and squeeze contents on to a handkerchief secured nearlyb but avoiding direct skin contact (eg pillow case) or into a pint of hot water and inhale the vapour freely.


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