Leppin Lepicol High Fibre Probiotic 180g


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Lepicol a probiotic supplement made of natural ingredients which help to maintain efficient action in the bowels. When taken daily, it will protect your fibre intake to help ensure regular bowel movements and to aid digestive health. At the same time, this probiotic is effective providing friendly bacteria which are key to maintaining a healthy balance in your body. The key ingredient – psyllium husks – are gentle but effective in encouraging normal bowel movements. Inulin, is included in the formula, to act as both a fibre and probiotic source. The final key ingredients in the formula of Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes are 5 probiotic strains which are naturally present in the digestive system. This probiotic supplement is available in both powder and capsule form. It suitable to be taken alongside antibiotics and when pregnant. Both the capsules and powder forms are suitable for both adults and children aged 12 years plus, including vegetarians. Seek advice from your doctor before allowing children under the age of 12 to take this probiotic.


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