Marcel’s Green Soap Tonka & Muguet Shampoo Bar


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Marcel’s Green Soap plastic-free shampoo bar is made from ingredients that are gentle on your hair and the planet. Argan oil provides shiny, nourished hair and a healthy scalp. Not only do these products save plastic they also last longer – the equivalent of 3 bottles of shampoo. With the handy box included, the soap is easy to take with you on your travels.

Tonka & Muguet
Tonka is a sacred bean from South America. It can even be hallucinatory so that you can dream away while in the shower. Muguet used to be widely used in snuff. Washing will soon be the new smoking!

contains argan oil for shiny, nourished hair and a healthy scalp
at least 97% biodegradable
100% vegan
100% plastic-free