Natures Plus Total Body Cleanse 168 caps


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Nature’s Plus Whole Food Total Body Cleanse cleanses your body with 500mg of the powerful acai berry and aims to achieve weight loss and improve your total well-being. The formula also contains blueberries, cranberries and an array of superfruits including noni, goji, mango and pomegranate to further assist this cleansing at the cellular level. It also helps to increase energy levels and your metabolism which are critical factors if you wish to improve your overall health and weight management. The formula also includes a blend called Spectra-Cleanse which contains 115 whole foods including rice, oat, prune and beet fiber, psyllium, Ayurvedic triphala and more. This blends helps to rid your intestinal tract of impurities and toxins. The prebiotics and probiotics in the formula help to maintain a proper balance of friendly bacteria in your digestive system. A healthy digestive system is essential if you wish to improve your overall health and well-being and achieve weight loss.

As a 14-Day Cleanse – Take 12 capsules daily, 4 with each meal, with a large glass of water. As a 28 day maintenance programme – Take 6 capsules daily, 2 with each main meal, with a large glass of water. Not to be used by children under 12.


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