Somega Easy Omega 3 & Vitamin D


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Delicious, creamy, smoothie-like Omega-3 supplement with added Vitamin D3. Natural peach-mango flavour. 450mg Omega-3 and 200IU Vitamin D3 per 5ml serving. Enjoy straight from the spoon or add to smoothies, yogurt and more. Manufactured using patented emulsion technology for optimum nutrient absorption.  SOMEGA Easy Omega-3 + Vitamin D3 is high in omega-3 DHA and EPA and high in Vitamin D, scientifically proven to have the following health benefits:

Brain Health: A daily intake of 250mg DHA helps maintain normal brain function

Heart Health: A combined daily intake of 250mg DHA and EPA helps maintain normal heart function

Eye Health: A daily intake of 250mg DHA helps maintain normal vision

Immune System: Vitamin D supports the normal function of the immune system

Bone Health: Vitamin D supports the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle

Calcium & Phosphorus:  Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus needed to build and maintain bone tissue. Contributes to normal blood calcium levels


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