Viridian Org Garlic 500mg 90 caps


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Viridian Organic Garlic 500mg provides high quality Garlic as a herbal supplement. Viridian Organic Garlic 500mg has been taken as an antioxidant.

Viridian Organic Garlic 500mg maybe able to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and it has been shown to reduce the hardening of the arteries and blood clotting. Viridian Organic Garlic 500mg can be useful in reducing blood pressure, to increase the effects of the immune system, to reduce blood sugar levels and to reduce menstrual pain. 

Garlic has been taken to precent cancer and to protect the liver.

; as an antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal; to increase the effects of the immune system; to reduce blood sugar levels; and to reduce menstrual pain. 


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