Airmid Lavender Lotion Bar


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Ideal for relaxing aching muscles after a long walk or workout.Experience the sensual and luxurious feel of a handmade lotion bar that is full of natural ingredients and will moisturise and protect your skin, with a heavenly scent! Scented only with pure essential oils of calming lavender, fresh tea tree and fruity lemon. Blended with local Irish beeswax which forms a protective barrier and skin nourishing oils. Our silky smooth lotion bars can be used anywhere on the body as a non greasy moisturiser and divine body perfume.Lotion Bars melt at body temperature. Remove bar from tin and apply to warm dry skin, preferably after shower or bath. Glides on skin leaving it refreshed and moisturised. Suitable for all skin types – sensitive.100% Natural Ingredients from sustainable sources


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