Atlantic Aromatics Lemon Myrtle Oil 10ml


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Atlantic Aromatics Lemon Myrtle Oil is refreshing, bright, clear oil with a beautiful and strong citrus scent. This essential oil is known as a mood lifter and also can have calming effects. It is also known to be antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal. This beautifully scented essential oil is thought to be helpful with colds and flues as well as aid irritable digestive disorders and skin conditions. It is thought to help purify and cleanse the air as it aids killing bacteria, fungus and odours. Essential oils are a pure plant extract from herbs, flowers, leaves or woods, this oil is retrieved from pure essential oil from the herb backhausia citriodora. When using essential oils, generally the ones suited to you are the oils which aromas you like best; unless of course, it is being used for a specific purpose.


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