Atlantic Aromatics May Chang Summer Blend 10ml


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Atlantic Aromatics May Chang Summer Blend is a refreshing blend of pure essential oils including oil of May Chang, Bergamot and Orange. It has been especially created for use in an oil burner however it has a variety of uses. When this blend is burned, it creates an uplifting, cheerful atmosphere with its glorious aroma. If you do not have an oil burner or diffuser, put a few drops of the blend on a tissue and place on a radiator. This blend also has anti-septic properties and so is ideal for when colds and flu are rampant. It has natural deodorising properties and so is perfect for refreshing a room. It cleanses the air and adds a soft summer fragrance. It also can discourage the presence of insects. You may also use the blend to freshen a hoover by putting 10-15 drops of the oil on the filter of the hoover.