Atlantic Aromatics Wild Rosemary Oil 10ml


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Wild Rosemary Oil 10ml – Wild Rosemary oil has a penetrating, uplifting scent that assists in enhancing mental clarity. it is believed to sooth aching muscles and enhance memory. Soothes feelings of nervous exhaustion. it is believed to sooth aching muscles and enhance memory. And soothes feelings of nervous exhaustion. Wild Rosemary also lightens fatigue, strengthens focus, lessens stress and dispels amnesia. 
Essential oils are pure plant extracts distilled from herbs, flowers, leaves, woods and resins. The fragrance and the therapeutic powers are concentrated in the oils. Some have simple anti-microbial properties useful in treating infections. 
Others are primarily helpful in bringing balance to the body and emotions.Each oil may have different uses.

In using essential oils for general life-enhancing purposes choose the oils whose aromas you like best. These are probably the most suitable for you. Similarly, do not use an oil whose aroma you do not like unless it is prescribed for a specific purpose.



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