Beauty Pro Hyaluronic Acid Daily Serum Chamomile & Soybean 30ml


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  • DAILY HYDRATING SERUM: The BeautyPro Plant Based Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid harnesses the power of Soybean and Chamomile to lock in moisture and provide deep nourishment to the skin
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR COMPLEXION: This replenishing formula deeply nourishes the skin which results in a healthier and happier complexion. Dark circles will be brightened, puffiness minimised and cells renewed to ensure you look refreshed
  • INTENSELY MOISTURING SKIN CARE: Hydration is vital for skin health. Deeply hydrated skin can effectively push out toxins and circulate nutrients to keep all of the cells functioning to their full capacity
  • CALMING & HEALING FACE CARE: Redness and breakouts are no match for this healing formula. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties soothe and cleanse the skin to target blemishes and bacteria
  • 100% PLANT BASED SELF CARE: Our serums are 100% plant based and vegan, as certified by PETA and the Vegan Society. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and provide natural plant power to transform the skin


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