Better You Dlux D&K2


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The Better You Dlux Vitamin D & K2 Oral Spray provides you with 3000iu of D3 as well as 75ug of vitamin K2 in each daily dose of 3 sprays. Separately, D3 is most commonly used to help support the immune system, while vitamin K2 can help regulate blood clotting. However, when taken together, these two vitamins are essential for the maintenance of healthy bones and calcium absorption. Rather than relying on the digestive system, Better You has formulated a spray that will absorb quickly in your mouth, increasing the speed of nutrient uptake and its entry to the blood stream. This spray has a natural peppermint flavour and is friendly to your teeth.

Shake well before use and carefully spray into mouth or on the inside of cheek. Use 3 sprays a day and do not exceed recommended dosage.