Healthpol Delacet Headlice Treatment 110ml


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Delacet Herbal HeadLice Solution is a natural remedy for the treatment of head lice. It is a herbal tincture made from larkspur and acetic acid, so it’s 100% natural, but it is stronger than a lot of over the counter treatments from a chemist which comes packed full of artificial chemicals, some of which can cause irritation to the scalp.


Delacet also doesn’t require repeated treatments or combing, simply apply once for 2-3 hours and it gets rid of both the lice and nits (the eggs), whereas most treatments require a repeat application to remove the nits. Delacet has a water like consistency, so it is perfectly suited to all hair types including the likes of afros or dreadlocks, as it penetrates the hair with ease, and doesn’t require combing.