Lavera Self Tanning Lotion 150ml


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The Lavera Natural Self Tan lotion is made from all natural ingredients to produce a healthy sun kissed glow. The plant-based ingredients in this fake tan lotion are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Organic plant essences and organic aloe vera gel moisturise the skin which leave it firm, smooth and restore a healthy skin appearance. The natural ingredients are guaranteed organic and vegan-friendly, meaning that whoever you are, you too can get achieve a natural looking glow. Lavera natural self-tan actually has a pleasant aroma (unlike conventional fake tan) and the results appear gradually after just a couple of hours after applying the lotion. The tanning effects can last up to five days after application! Lavera Self-Tanning lotion has won several awards and has received rave reviews from Evergreen customers. No chemicals are used in the production of the lotion. Suitable for vegans.


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