Manuka Health Manauka Honey MGO 250 250g


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This Manuka Honey is produced by Manuka Health in New Zealand. The plant which the bees make the honey from – Leptospermum scoparium – is unique to the country. Manuka honey is widely recognised as having several significant health benefits, such as aiding the recovery from a sore throat, cold, flu, wounds and stomach ulcers. It is also helpful in the healing of burns, wounds, cracked skin and skin ulcers. This product is available in various MGO and different sized jars. This manuka honey is 100% natural. It can also provide immune support when taking on a daily basis. It can be used as a preventative and cure of cold and flu symptoms. The measure of strength of manuka honey has changed to MGO (Dietary Methylglyoxal). MGO is a compound formed in the nectar of the Manuka flower collected by the bees. This methylglyoxal is then transferred to the honey.