Minami MorEPA Platinum 90% Omega3 Plus Vitimin D 1000mg 60 Softgels


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MorEPA Platinum is a premium quality Omega 3 supplement. Each capsules provides a high amount (1100 mg) of Omega-3 with 764 mg EPA and 236 mg DHA as well as extra vitamin D per 1 softgel. It is the supplement of choice for those who are deficient in Omega 3 or have high Omega 3 requirements. Omega 3 is believed to help to improve mood and helps to maintain healthy blood circulation, as well as overall wellbeing. This supplement also provides Vitamin D3, which the many people may be deficient in due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D supports the immune system and also helps to boost mood and help combat fatigue. This is a gluten and lactose free supplement.