Natures Plus GI Nutra Powder 174g


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GI Natural Total Digestive Wellness goes far beyond the many microflora, enzyme, and gut health products on the market today. GI Natural features the nutritional support of 4000 mg of L-Glutamine, the recommended level for optimal results. Highly active microflora, whole food enzymes, prebiotic fiber and other essential co-factors, deliver powerful synergistic activity to ensure total digestive wellness.*

Comprehensive support, expertly formulated for complete and healthy digestion.

• 4,000 mg of L-Glutamine, and nutrients for maximum protection of the digestive system*

• Shelf stable, acid resistant and bile resistant microflora*

• Whole food enzymes optimize digestion and promote comfort*

• Superfood prebiotic fiber for maximum microflora vitality*

• Specially formulated nutrients significantly reduces oxidative damage in the gut*

*GI Natural Total Digestive Wellness Fast Acting Powder supplies calcium for normal function of digestive enzymes. GI Natural also provides zinc, which contributes to the normal acid-base metabolism and the normal metabolism of macronutrients, carbohydrates and fatty acids, while protecting cells from oxidative stress. Vitamins E and C, as well as Selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.