High-quality protein is often the most sought-after macronutrient for athletes and regular gym-goers. Getting enough into your diet is often challenging in a fast-paced work where time is often in short supply.
90+ is designed to provide a convenient source of protein to fuel muscle growth and overall recovery.
Combining a 4-phase protein blend from milk protein, micellar casein, soya isolate and rice protein isolate, you’re able to get the full spectrum of amino acids needed for growth and recovery in each serving.
Naturally rich in Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids, it’s able to help assist in ‘anabolism’ (protein synthesis) while simultaneously preventing ‘catabolism’ (muscle loss).
90+ is also extremely high in the amino acid L-Glutamine, noted for its strong effectiveness in recovery and overall immune health.
Adding 90+ to your diet daily can help athletes ease their concerns over getting enough adequate quality protein.