Obbekjaers Oil Of Peppermint Enteric Coated 60 Capsules


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Researchers have found that using peppermint oil helps relieve pain and discomfort in people suffering from a stomach and intestinal disorder called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We supply the Obbekjaers range of Peppermint, Peppermint oil, peppermint oil supplements, Peppermint can help with irritable bowel syndrome as an IBS remedy. We offer IBS advice related to IBS peppermint oil remedies.

In addition, peppermint oil can help relieve the effects of indigestion. The warming effect of the menthol in peppermint oil warms and soothes the stomach, thus aiding digestion..
It is now accepted that peppermint can help with circulation and circulation problems. The effect of peppermint oil the blood stream is that, similar to the above, it warms and soothes, thereby relaxing the veins and capilliaries, thus improving circulation.