Terra Nova Life Drink 454g


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A powerful way to naturally boost your immunity and enhance your energy levels! This Terranova Life drink is bursting with nutritious superfoods.


Plant sourced omega 3,6,9 blend; Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory effects and may help with concentration, focus, memory and even hyperactivity
Probiotics and digestive enzymes; Helps to replenish the levels of good bacteria found within the digestive system thus helping the digestive system and supporting overall health and wellbeing
100% freeze dried berries; These, amongst other fruits in Life Drink have been selected due to their collective flavonoid and antioxidant profile (i.e. quercetin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, alpha and beta carotene, etc)
Balanced vegetable protein; Combines pea and rice protein which results in a balanced amino-acid profile
Rice bran actives; Stabilised rice bran provides more than 100 known antioxidants, beta glucans, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid and many other valuable compounds
Microalgae; Spirulina and chlorella provide a remarkably high level of chlorophyll, carotenoids, highly digestible protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals *Freeze dried greens; The 100% fresh freeze dried green foods in Life Drink provide a remarkable array of beneficial nutrients, i.e. carotenoids, chlorophyll, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc
Freeze dried mushrooms; Contains the mycelia of reishi mushrooms which are abundant in beta glucans polysaccharides, while shiitake mushrooms are known for their content of the highly re- searched beta glucans