Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend 60 Capsules


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Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend 60 Capsules

Aids digestion and nutrient absorption

> Reduces embarrassing wind

> Eases bloating after meals

> 100% plant based enzymes

Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend contains no less than seven active enzyme strains to help maintain digestive health. These enzymes are plant-based and that’s important: they work throughout the entire digestive tract, breaking down more than other common animal-based enzymes on the market.

Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend helps with the bloating, gas and uncomfortable feelings of lactose intolerance. It helps nutrients reach every cell in the body so we feel strong and energised. 

So why are digestive enzymes so vital for health? 

Our digestive tract has to be the most important system in the body. It’s where we turn food into what we need for survival. This process involves the breaking down of proteins, fats, soluble fibre, starch and sugars by digestive enzymes. Unfortunately, stress, pregnancy, illness, caffeine and simply aging all deplete our own enzyme reserves. Meanwhile, it’s hard to replenish those reserves through diet alone as enzymes are lost during cooking and modern food processing. Unable to break down food properly, we are deprived of nutrients yet feel more hunger. We may also suffer from indigestion, impaired immune function, food intolerances and inflammation – which may even lead to degenerative disease.

Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend redresses the balance to help us stay well. We get more out of food so we get more out of life.

Recommended use:

Enzymes have no taste; for optimum results; open up and mix the contents of one capsule throughout warm (but not piping hot) or cold foods, or swallow one capsule during a meal.

Not suitable for children under 4.