Udo’s Choice Super 5’s 60 Lozenges


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Udo’s super 5 Lozenges


Udo’s Choice Super 5 are powerful probiotic lozenges which help to maintain gut health and the maintenance of healthy bacteria within the body. A healthy bacterial balance is essential to digestive, immune and oral health. They have a great raspberry flavour which really appeals to young children. As they dissolve in the mouth and down the throat, the Super 5’s lozenges release the good bacteria into the body. When bad bacteria are at a greater ratio than good bacteria within the gut one can experience issues such as gas, bloating, toxic intestines and constipation. It also affects the absorption of key nutrients, which in turn affects overall health. No matter what age you are, maintaining good bacteria levels in the body is key to maintaining overall good health. Super 5’s provide a very easy means of doing so on a daily basis.