Viridian Liquid Vitamin D 50ml


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Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more and more prevalent in recent years with the associated fear of sun-exposure and the more sedentary lifestyle many people now lead. The skin is unable to create vitamin D if skin is covered in sunscreen or clothing, which makes the likelihood of suffering from a vitamin D deficiency rise. Sources of vitamin D from the diet include fortified foods, eggs and fatty fish. Viridians Vitamin D drops provide vitamin D3 from lichen in an easy to use dropper bottle in a pleasant orange flavour. Vitamin D is essential for normal bones and teeth as well as the immune and muscle functions. It is also needed for normal absorption and utilisation of both calcium and phosphorus. This product is suitable for vegans, free from gluten wheat, lactose, dairy, milk, added sugar, yeast soy preservatives and artificial colourings.