Teenage Skin & Acne

When a young person hits their teens, their skin goes through some major changes.

When a young person hits their teens, their skin goes through some major changes. Their sebaceous glands may start to overproduce an oily substance called sebum, which can make their skin oilier than it once was particularly around the face, back and chest areas. This stickiness can trap dead skin cells inside pores, and this debris can build up. Whiteheads and blackheads can then form and irritate the skin around the pores.

What can you do to care for acne-prone skin?

  • Treat your skin gently. Don’t scrub because you can damage spots which may lead to infection and spreading of your acne.
  • If possible, shower or wash straight after exercise to rinse excess oils and sweat from your skin which may cause further whiteheads as the pores become blocked.
  • Use gentle face wash and body wash products. Harsh chemicals may strip the skin of vital oils, meaning your skin will work harder to replace the lost moisture. This can result in an over-production of sebum.
  • Keep hydrated, eat a well-balanced diet, take exercise and rest! There is no proven link between acne and diet but eating well keeps your body heathy and can reflect on your skin.

Here at Apple Health Foods we stock the Salcura Antiac Range which is specifically designed for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

  • Gently cleanse your skin daily with the Antiac Daily Face Wash to remove sebum and bacteria
  • Follow up with the Antiac Activ Liquid Spray to the affected areas. This will reduce inflammation and redness as well as neutralising bacteria. The spray makes it easy to apply to harder to reach areas including your back.