Bach Rescue Remedy 10ml


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The Bach Rescue Remedy is a natural solution to help combat stress and restore calm. It can be taken at any time and comes in small packaging for discretion. Used worldwide, Rescue Remedy may be useful against daily stresses, deadlines pressure or just general annoyances. It can be useful in restoring focus and clarity and re-instating a state of calmness. It can be of great use during exam time, if you have an interview, or have to deal with an accident or tragic occurrence. It is designed to deal with immediate stresses and issues rather than long term problems. It contains five natural flower essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plus in a base of 27% Grape Based Brandy or Sunflower Based Glycerin as a preservative. It is available in 10ml or 20ml tincture, a 20ml spray, chewing gum or pastille form therefore there is a to suit everyone’s preferences.