Cleanmarine MenoMin 60 capsules


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MenoMin is the newest addition to the Cleanmarine Krill Oil family. This krill oil food supplement has been specifically formulated to help women combat the many uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause. These capsules are packed full with lots of essential nutrients including super absorbing Omega-3 phospholipids, folate, B vitamins, biotin as well as isoflavones which are believed to aid female health as they positively alter oestrogen levels. All these super ingredients work together to regulate hormonal activity, maintain normal mucous membranes and can also help reduce tiredness and fatigue. This synergistic combination is ideal for menopausal women. As with all of Cleanmarine’s products, MenoMin promises zero fishy aftertaste. Cleanmarine Krill Oil MenoMin has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Two capsules a day


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