Dr Dilis Clare Bitters D-Tox 100ml


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Contains: Dandelion root, Caraway Seed, Chamomile, Blessed Thistle, Asparagus Root, Bladderwrack, Cornflower, Ginger. 

Dandelion Root: The combination of plants makes fluid removal possible without disturbing the body’s potassium-sodium balance. It has prebiotic activities/contributes to the gastrointestinal well-being by its prebiotic effects and a beneficial effect on cholesterol values.

Caraway Seed: Supports digestion and digestive functions /stimulates digestion /relieves fullness and windy feelings and contributes to the normal function of intestinal tract /helps support the digestive juice flow.

Chamomile: Helps to support a healthy digestion / Contributes to liver protection, to the detoxifying potential of the liver. / For the stimulation of the production of the digestive body fluids and of the gastrointestinal movement / Helps to maintain the normal liver function, promote the digestion and the body’s purification.

Blessed Thistle: Supports liver health/contributes to liver protection/contributes to the detoxifying potential of the liver/helps to protect the liver which in turn maintain the liver function and additionally promote the digestion and the body´s purification.

Asparagus Root: Maintain the normal state of the kidney because of steroide saponine, volatile oil and flavonoids, constituents present in this plants combination.

Bladderwrack: Helps to maintain optimum digestive comfort, and maintains a regular bowel function.

Zingiber officinalis/Ginger: A natural aid to sustainable weight loss. May help promote a normal balance of inflammatory hormones [prostaglandins]

Dr Clare believes that synergy of herbal blends helps to maintain digestive function and elimination. 

100mls = 1 week’s supply 

How to take: 5ml in a little water 3 times daily.